Greg Myers

Greg has lived in WV all his life. He has been blessed to have raised 5 fantastic children with his wife, Debbie. Greg has been helping families with their problems for many years and has studied problems and issues facing seniors for many years. He keeps up on current changes by taking hours of courses every year such as estate planning for seniors, IRA courses, 401k courses, living trusts and how to use them, and many other courses. He has helped many, many families with their problems over the years and considers it an honor to be their trusted advisor. Greg believes that seniors have worked too hard to build up their nest egg to have it be destroyed by Probate, Market Loss, Money Loss, Nursing home spend down, and many other senior problems which can destroy a seniors retirement dreams and have them run out of money before their retirement years are over. Greg looks forward to helping as many seniors as he can help by educating them and working with them to protect their assets from these problems. Greg can be reached at 304-893-8508 for a free no obligation consultation.

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