Skip Hipshier

H.J. “Skip” Hipshier comes to Secure Retirement Solutions after a 20 year career as the chief litigations Legal Assistant/Paralegal working with several Tax-Exempt agencies. One such agency worked entirely with Senior Citizens to make them aware of the many different ways seniors are abused.
A Viet Nam War era veteran Skip started his legal training as a Military Police Investigator and then Criminal Investigator with the United States Army CID.
After leaving the military, Skip worked for several national investigative agencies working in both civil and criminal investigations while obtaining his generalist legal training at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.
Licensed as an Insurance Agent, Skip will not give legal advice; only a licensed attorney can do that. He is here; however, to help you protect what you have worked for in the past so that you can keep it going into your future. If you are a veteran, you might want to ask him how your V.A. benefits could help you with your estate plans.
Born in Cass county and residing in Jackson, county makes him a neighbor you can call on in these times of financial uncertainty. Contact Skip at: (517)569-4100 or email him at
He will be there when you need him most.

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