Pam Haffarnan

It became apparent to me how important it was to have your business affairs in order when I lost my brother at a very young age. He was only 23 years of age and he didn’t have any insurance for burial expenses, money to cover his mortgage or even how his assets were to pass to his loved ones. My parents were not only in shock and grieving about losing a son, but were also on the hook to handle all of his affairs. Seeing that up close and personal greatly impacted me. Not having his assets protected only caused probate to be more expensive and take longer to resolve.
I was 18 years of age when I first started looking into this. I have always slept better knowing, God forbid, my family would be OK should something happen to one of us. Our burial would be covered, our assets will go to our kids as we wish and the government will be the only one sitting with empty hands when all is said and done.
I simply cannot believe how much I enjoy being able to work directly with my clients and help them avoid these pitfalls. Many people are unclear how to protect their life-long retirement assets and or how to pass them to their kids and prevent Uncle Sam from taking their piece along the way. It is a great thrill for me to be able to help them with this! I take great pride and receive much pleasure in helping to ensure my clients will never have to experience what my parents and others have had to endure when a loved one passes away.
Looking back it is as if I have always been in this business. It has been such a great fit for me, allows me to utilize my education and fill my passion to help people. I truly can’t see myself doing anything else. It also allows me to spend more time with my significant other, Tom, our kids, and our puppies of 8 months old.

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