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Today retirees face many pitfalls such as probate, nursing home spend down, taxes, inflation and retirement savings fluctuation. Secure Retirement Solutions (SRS) and our legal associates specialize in assisting people with estate and retirement income planning. Since 1982, our licensed insurance agents have helped people navigate through the complicated world of asset protection and wealth preservation.  SRS agents will not offer tax or legal advice., instead our agents educate retirees on the strategies used to avoid these pitfalls, helping to guide you towards a safe and happy retirement. 

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Our agents meet with you in the privacy of your own home at no cost to you. Their goal is to evaluate your unique, individual situation so that they can provide you with the best advice and solutions to avoid any potential pitfalls. You are also provided with helpful information on all the important topics pertaining to retirement. In addition, we will discuss annuities and how they can apply to retirement savings. Even if you feel you have everything in place, it is always a good idea to make sure you have the most up to date information. Our agents don’t offer tax or legal advice and we encourage you to run all of the information by your own legal counsel.


Many people feel that having a will when they die will protect them and their heirs from costly fees. The truth is, it depends on how many assets are involved and whether anyone wants to contest or challenge this document. The legal process of proving that a last will and testament is valid and stated according to the deceased wishes is called probate. As with any legal process, this can become costly the longer it takes. Working with a good advisor and his or her legal contacts before the process of probate can save thousands of dollars.

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This is one of the most feared terms for any retired senior. It is so frightening because when you must turn to Medicaid you have run out of assets to take care of yourself. When that happens you must turn to the government and ask for help through the Medicaid program. The government will help you but they will force you to liquidate any remaining assets, such as your home, a second car, or family keepsakes that you were hoping to pass on to your children. You must rid yourself of these assets until you are down to $1500.00. There are a number of provisions you must meet and the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 has complicated the process even more. You need to speak to an educated advisor who will help you work around Nursing home spend down.


Each retiree has different concerns when it comes to retirement savings. Some worry about making their money last all through their retirement years, while others are concerned about passing wealth on to their heirs with minimal tax implications and avoiding probate fees. The one issue that many retirees are concerned with is not losing their nest egg to economic volatility or inflation. Your retirement years are the time to protect the money you have worked your whole life to accumulate.


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